Morgan and Andrew at the Casa Feliz in Winter Park, FL.

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Wedding Details – Betsey Johnson Shoes

Modern style wedding photo

Modern Wedding Photography at Casa Feliz Winter Park

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Lovely wedding at the gorgeous Casa Feliz in Winter Park, FL. Morgan and Andrew added our Ultra Social Photo Booth with Social Media Kiosk to their reception entertainment. The photo booth was a tremendous hit and the social media kiosk shared the fun and enjoyment with all their friends and guests all in real time on Facebook and Instagram. This wedding was the talk of the town for many weeks later as the photo booth photos and craziness swirled around on Facebook. Morgan and Andrew knew how important and fun their wedding was going to be and they understood how important it would be to have a cinematic wedding video to capture all the excitement and feelings from the bridal prep, gift exchange, ceremony, reception, and late into the send off. Guests were given small handfuls of lavender seeds to gently toss at the end of the night. Well, some guests got carried away….we think Morgan is still finding lavender seeds in her hair : )

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