Are you having a themed speakeasy party, how about Gatsby themed, or a lovely vintage rustic themed wedding? Then, take a look at this rare and one of a kind Vintage Walnut Open Air Photo Kiosk hand made by Forever Xpressions! Are you uninspired by the same old boxy metal photo booths that belong in malls? We are too, so we decided to build something no one would be able to copy. It was designed in AutoCAD and machined to exact specifications from a CNC Mill, carefully built by hand, and clear coated by yours truly! The Vintage Walnut Open Air Photo Kiosk takes beautiful photos thanks to the beauty dish lighting, and the use of a real DSLR camera. We have two metallic backgrounds to choose from a Gold Sequins or Silver Sequins. The warm look of our Walnut Columns with our shiny Metallic Gold Sequins really makes my heart melt! Some venues like Bella Collina, Casa Feliz, or Ceviche are remarkably well matched for such a vintage themed photo booth. If you’re decorating an open concept venue like The Heaven Events Center or at a Farmer’s Barn themed venue then this would be the ultimate decision for a photo booth addition.

As you can see from my iPhone photos, we designed and built it from scratch. Walnut was chosen because of it’s timeless beauty, warm tone, and recognized as a well distinguished all American hardwood (Walnut Info Here). Another interesting side fact about Walnut is the amount of chatoyancy it reflects when polished and clear coated (Chatoyancy). We got rather excited after looking at the test sample the meme photo is pretty much how I felt… Since we are also photographers, we decided to build this model around the wonderful soft lighting characteristics from a beauty dish. Photographers know that a light source is supposed to be large with a soft diffusion, it should also be above and right or above and left of center to the subject. On camera flash is harsh direct light from a small focused area near the lens and that leads to oily reflections and unflattering shadows. Above the camera light boxes are the current standard for most photo booths. The light boxes help diffuse the light and bring the light source above the subject, but not off angle. They look good and they are efficient so we use them in our older model photo booths. Tell us what you think! If you would like to book the Vintage Walnut Photo Kiosk for your special event, be sure to mention where you learned about Chatoyancy for a special discount. Contact Us

Vintage Walnut Open Air Photo Kiosk

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